• 1 month course leading to the OET exam the following month
  • All modules are fully supported by expert Trainers
  • Diagnostic assessment completed within 3 days of course commencement
  • Course is run with 8 days of lectures with alternate AM & PM schedules to facilitate nurse shift patterns
  • Class time 11am-2pm & 6pm – 9pm
  • 15 hours of lectures delivered covering Reading, Writing, Speaking & Grammar
  • 20 different practice tests supplied with opportunity for feedback twice/week
  • Mock tests offered every week
  • 3-day intensive coaching immediately prior to exam

  • Course runs over 2-week period
  • Successful completion achieves UKVI qualification
  • Course is undertaken following OET exam
  • Skill development is focused on unlimited exam practices

  • Training to pass part 1 of the test of competence for UK nurse qualification
  • 2 weeks training to pass CBT test
  • Modular training course delivered in classes and via online modules for self-study
  • Undertaken following completion of OET and UKVI language training


MONDAY Group Coaching Day Practice Examination Day
TUESDAY Practice Examination Day Group Coaching Day
WEDNESDAY Group Coaching Day Practice Examination Day
THURSDAY One-To- One Coaching Day One-To- One Coaching Day
FRIDAY Mock Examination Day Mock Examination Day
SATURDAY Practice Examination Day Group Coaching Day
SUNDAY Rest Day Rest Day

The entire flow of the IELTS course is followed for both programs. The only difference between the two programs is the duration of training. The comprehensive program is good for (3) months while the UNLIMITED program is good for (1) year.