Frequently Asked Questions for IELTS/OET

What is IELTS?

Will it expire?

Is there an exam every month?

What is the difference vs General and Academic?

What is the UKVI?

Difference between Standard IELTS vs IELTS UKVI?

What is required for UK Application for nurses?

What if I already have standard IELTS with an all 7-score?

What is a combination score for IELTS?

What is OET?

What’s in OET?

How Long is an OET Result Valid?

When and Where Can I Take OET?

When Will I Get my OET Results?

What if I already have an OET score? Can I apply as a nurse to the UK?

What is a combination score for OET?

Can IELTS and OET results be combined?

How is OET Different to General and Academic English Tests?

Who recognizes OET as Proof of English proficiency?