OET Online Review


Healthperm Online OET Review offers different schedules students can select from. All begin with lectures for subtest followed by OET coaching, the length of which is dependent on which module is preferred by the student. These are as follows:

A) Comprehensive

  • The comprehensive program is highly recommended for nurses who are taking the OET the first time and has no other experience of any English Proficiency Exams and would like to have ample of time to get use to the 4 different subtest.
  • This OET Review option provides a 2-week lecture followed by flexible coaching sessions for the duration of 3 months. The coaching sessions are done every week followed by a mock test for Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, with personalized one-on-one Candidate Performance Assessment (CPA) sessions every week. The CPA provides an insight to what the student strengths and weaknesses are in order to develop the proper approach and focus to specific parts of the OET test.

Price: 250 USD

B) Refresher Course

  • The Refresher Course is a condensed, content-packed, shorter term review course that caters to the demands of candidates who may not have sufficient time for a full review including students who are currently on their limited vacation leave from their work locally or abroad, and those who have taken a leave of absence as well as candidates who has booked the examinations already. The program is open to novice OET reviewees, or those with prior review experience, and/or experience with the actual examination itself.
  • Included in the program is a general overview of the OET program, plus a diagnostic examination that would help students evaluate their current readiness, or lack thereof, to sit the actual OET examination.
  • The Refresher course will run for 2 full weeks.
    • Session 1: LRW Diagnostic
    • Session 2: Speaking Diagnostic and Orientation
    • Session 3: Listening Lecture
    • Session 4: Listening Coaching
    • Session 5: Reading Lecture
    • Session 6: Reading Coaching
    • Session 7: Writing Lecture
    • Session 8: Writing Coaching
    • Session 9: Speaking Lecture
    • Session 10: Speaking Coaching

Price: 150 USD

C) Subtest Specific Coaching

  • Shorter but intensive course program specifically for those who need to focus on the writing subtest.
  • For students who already took OET before but needs to improve their writing score.
  • Student Qualifications:
    • Students who took OET before.
    • Latest OET exam not more than 2 months ago.
    • Exam scores with ONLY WRITING as C+ or C, all other subtests should be B.

Price: 100 USD


Monday Mock LRW Mock LRW
Tuesday Mock Speaking Mock Speaking
Wednesday Case Notes Analysis + Writing Mock Paragraphing + Writing Mock
Thursday Transforming Case Notes + Writing Cohesive + Writing Mock
Friday Writing One-on-One Writing One-on-One